Crypt Design - Web design services for the darknet

Design services for the darknet

We design websites, logos and graphics

We are as passionate about clean modern design as we are about privacy, anonymity and freedom


Website design

Crypt Design creates pixel-perfect .psd mockups and web ready assets — and if you'd like, we'll convert them into CSS & HTML templates


Logo design

We'll create a unique identity for your business — logos, stickers, business cards, slide decks, favicons and app icons


Website build

Experts at responsive darknet no-js HTML5 + CSS3, we produce mockups or use your designs and build them into modern markup

We also design & build Wordpress, SM Forums and Bootstrap themes


2D + 3D Graphics

Photoshopping, icons, powerpoint slides, infographics, vector illustration, 3D hardware models and mockups — there is no image we can't create

468 x 60 234 x 60 336 x 280 728 x 90 300 x 250 125 x 125 160 x 600


Banner ads

Animated GIFs, self-contained animated SVGs, Flash or static, we can produce an eye catching banner set at any sizes needed


Hosting + domains

We've partnered with a darknet host to give you secure and anonymous TOR hosting for your site, with customized .onion domain names at a great price

How we work

Send us a brief and we will quickly respond with a time estimate and a quote in BTC

We require 50% of the quote paid before we start, with the balance to be paid when you are happy with the finished work. We can also use an escrow service for larger pieces of work

We don't need to know who or where you are and we will never reveal to anyone the work done or for whom without permission

Who we design for

Pricing & payment

We charge by the hour for small jobs, for larger pieces such as web sites we quote a fixed price

Price guide (payable in BTC)

$250 / €230

Ad banners, logos, icons, graphics

$1500 / €1400 +

Basic website front end design + build

$15,000 / €14.000

Large website front end design + build

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Contact us

Feel free to get in touch regarding a quote or even some professional advice.

Please note we do not build back ends, you’ll need to find a good security conscious development team for that, but if it’s visual or front end we can definitely help.

For added security, encode your message against our PGP key

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